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Placement Agreement


Douglas Basballe

300 Royal Rd

Mankato, MN  56001


E-mail Doug@RaynbowsRagdoll.com


Adopting Party:                                                                                                                                


City                                                                                      State                ZIP                              

Phone                                                           E-Mail                                                                                     

Sire              RaynbowsRagdoll Elmo of RaynbowsRagdoll                                                           

Dam              Catch a Falling Star Skylar of RaynbowsRagdoll                                                       

Name of Cat                                                                                                             Sex                  

D.O.B                                               Color & Pattern                                                                                   

Placed As (Mark only one)

_____ Breeder/Show with full rights and papers

_____ Pet with no breeding rights, papers will be held until spay/neuter

Placement Price:                                                                                                    

Shipping (Mark only one)

_      __ Shipping is NOT included in the placement price.

______ Shipping is included in the placement price.

Terms of Deposit and placement:

This Agreement is made in Minnesota and is subject to the laws of that state.  Transportation of animal to another state or country is for the convenience of the adopting party.  It is agreed that the laws of any other state or country have no authority on this placement.

Placement Terms:

The buyer agrees to provide proper housing, diet, and general health care, including the completion of immunizations (unless already given) plus yearly boosters.  Lack of basic immunizations and boosters, (records must be validated by veterinarian), will make null and void any and all guarantees in the contract.

The cat/kitten is to be kept inside.  The cat/kitten is NOT to be used as the prize in any raffle, give away, or any other promotion.  The adopting party promises to never give, lease, and/or sell the cat/kitten to any other individual, pet shop, research facility, institution, animal shelter, cattery, or any other entity or similar facility.

VETERINARY QUESTIONNAIRE RETURN AGREEMENT:  The adopting party agrees to have this cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession (not including weekends and federal holidays) and furthermore agrees to have the veterinarian questionnaire returned by mail to RaynbowsRagdoll within one week of placement.  Otherwise all stated and implied guarantees in this contract are null and void.

SPAY/NEUTERING AGREEMENT FOR NON SHOW/BREEDER PLACEMENTS:  The adopting party agrees to spay or neuter the kitten between the ages of five and seven months (or within 30 days if placed as an adult).  Official Application for Registration paperwork will be forwarded to the new owner after our cattery receives notification of the spay/neuter from the veterinary office which performed the procedure.  The adopting party agrees that the kitten/cat will not be used for breeding purposes of any kind, whether for registered or unregistered litters of Ragdolls or other breeds, and further agrees to pay the difference between pet and breeder price if certification of spaying/neutering is not received by the time the kitten has reached the age of seven months, if adult is not certified spayed/neutered within 30 days of placement, or if unauthorized breeding of said cat/kitten has taken place.

NO DECLAW:  The adopting party agrees and promises that the cat/kitten will never be subjected to any form of declawing procedure.

PHOTO AND COMMENT RELEASE:  The adopting party gives his/her permission for any and all photos and written comments about their RaynbowsRagdoll cat to be used in promotional literature and/or advertisements for RaynbowsRagdoll.

         CERTIFICATION OF VACCINATION:  It is certified that this kitten has received vaccination for Feline Rhinotracheitis (FVR), Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper), Chlamydia, and Calicivirus (FCV), as recorded on the vaccination certificate provided, or as follows                  Vaccinated  with Fel-O-Vax 4 + CaliciVax.  (feline Rhinotracheitis , Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamyyia Psittaci)                         

The adopting party agrees to provide the kitten with additional vaccinations as recommended by RaynbowsRagdoll or as recommended by his/her veterinarian.  The adopting party agrees not to vaccinate for FIP, as an FIP vaccine will void all guarantees.

         CERTIFICATE OF WORMING:  This kitten/cat has, as a standard procedure, received medicine for the removal of worms during the course of its preventative health regimen.  Periodic de-worming is a good health practice.

         GENERAL HEALTH GUARANTEE:  RaynbowsRagdoll guarantees the cat/kitten to be in well condition and free of disease at the time of placement.  RaynbowsRagdoll will provide a copy of all pertinent veterinarian records from the cat/kitten while they were in our care.  RaynbowsRagdoll guarantees this kitten’s/cat’s freedom from FIP, FIV and/or Feline Leukemia at time of placement. RaynbowsRagdoll is not responsible for kitten’s/cat’s exposure to environmental elements beyond its control once the kitten leaves the cattery.  The new owner is encouraged to carefully limit both kitten’s exposure to other cats/kittens and kitten’s travel until a time period of fourteen days beyond the kitten’s third booster for Feline Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia, and Calicivirus.

         GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE:  The cattery certifies that there are no genetic defects in its lines of breeding to its knowledge.  If kitten is discovered to be genetically unsound, the adopting party agrees to notify RaynbowsRagdoll and forward copies of any and all veterinary documentation with such claim.  The adopting party understands that it is the intention of RaynbowsRagdoll to provide a healthy pet with a long life for years of enjoyment, and agrees to notify RaynbowsRagdoll of any health problems associated with the above mentioned cat/kitten.  RaynbowsRagdoll will provide replacement kitten to the owner, subject to all the terms in the placement papers.

In Addition To The Above:

Cat/kitten is guaranteed against hereditary defects that cause the death of cat/kitten up to one year beyond the date of placement.  A replacement cat/kitten of equal value will be provided should cat/kitten die within that time.  If a cat/kitten of greater value is offered by the breeder, it is the responsibility of the adopting party to pay the difference in price between the original placement price, and the placement price of the new kitten.  Verification by a certified veterinarian and accompanied by a complete autopsy and copy of full medical history is needed.

ADDITIONAL GUARANTEE FOR RAYNBOWSRAGDOLL KITTENS SOLD AS BREEDERS: We guarantee the vitality of our breeders, not including patterns and color, which vary greatly.  This guarantee consists of: we guarantee said cat will produce at least one viable litter consisting of at least 1 kitten.  If there is a problem, owner must submit to RaynbowsRagdoll copies of all veterinary records for that cat.  If the cat is unsuitable for breeding, RaynbowsRagdoll will give first pick of any available kitten from a current or future litter as a replacement.  The original cat must be altered and retired, or returned to RaynbowsRagdoll.  A replacement kitten for breeding is the only remedy; refunds are not a remedy that is offered.  Adopting party is responsible for all shipping charges. Cats must be at least one year old when breeding occurs; breeding prior to one year of age voids all guarantees.  Breeder guarantee is void at age three years old.  Guarantee is void if cat has problems due to infection, disease, or any other cause that could have been prevented. 


Refunds are given solely at the discretion of the breeder.  Requesting a refund does not guarantee refund approval.  Refunds, if granted, may take up to 90 days.  RaynbowsRagdoll reserves the right to offer a replacement kitten in lieu of a refund.  Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.  RaynbowsRagdoll is not responsible for shipping expenses.

This Agreement is for mutual benefit.  We hereby affix our signatures.



Adopting Party