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Doug@RaynbowsRagdoll.com or call 507-340-3953

Sky (short for "Catch a Falling Star Skyler") is a Blue Point, Mitted, and has a Blaze.  She has been one of the best Queens I have ever had.  She takes incredible care of her babies and is happiest when she is either pregnant or has kittens to care for.

Elmo (Short for Elmo of RaynbowsRagdoll) is our King and is a Seal Color Point. He is the 4th King we have had, and is definitely the best one.  The kittens that are produced by Elmo and Sky are almost all "Show Quality."  He has the sweetest, most gentle personality I could ask for.  Another quality that really sets Elmo apart is that he does not spray.  95% of intact male cats will spray. Luckily Elmo is in the minority.  Most catteries have to cage their males for this reason.  Elmo lives with us as part of the family - he is never in a cage. This is also a trait that he passes on to his male offspring that have been placed as Kings in other catteries.

Our Cats -Sky and Elmo