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Breeding Rights


Our Philosophy - "If you are serious about breeding, we are serious about helping you to do that."

At RaynbowsRagdoll, we believe in producing top quality Ragdolls. We are very happy to provide pedigree information on all of our cats and kittens.  It has taken much time and effort, not to mention money, to become a cattery with the quality of Ragdolls that we have.  When talking to some well established catteries, we were shocked at how rudely we were treated when we told them we wanted to get breeding animals.  RaynbowsRagdoll hopes that we never get to be that elitist that we forget how hard it is to get started in sharing the Ragdoll breed with others.

We will say, that to a certain extent, we do understand why some catteries are rude.  A good breeder always wants to continually improve the breed.  This is true no matter what type of animal you are breeding.  We are constantly shocked at the types of requests we get, concerning breeding.  Under no circumstances will we ever allow any of our animals to be bred in an uncontrolled fashion.  We do not care how wonderful or cute a person's cat is - if it's not a good quality Ragdoll, we do not want any of our cats to be bred with it.

A common question/comment we get is "You sure must be able to make a lot of money by breeding cats."  Think again!  The cost of simply providing food, shelter, and vet care for cats is substantial. That cost is a constant, whether there is a litter of kittens on the ground or not.  Then consider the cost of acquiring breeding stock. Then think about all the hours that go into every kitten produced. Quite honestly, a person could probably make more in the fast food industry.

Another question we are often asked is "Can I wait to spay/neuter my cat until after I have bred them one time?"  The answer is "No."  Unless you are a breeder yourself, you really can not understand how much time, effort, and money go into selecting breeding stock.  Some breeders will allow breeding rights on any of their animals.  We do not.  As mentioned before, a good breeder is always working to improve the breed.  Quite simply, only some kittens - if any- out of any given litter make good breeding stock candidates.  Generally speaking, people that ask to breed only 1 litter are often back yard breeders (BYB)  I'm sure that some BYBs can produce good quality cats.  However, if they were serious about consistently producing top quality Ragdolls, they would take the time and effort to do it the right way.  "IF" we allow breeding rights, the buyer is going to pay for it, without exception.  Each kitten considered for breeding rights will be priced on their suitability.  Generally speaking, this is going to be double the pet only price, then adjusted based on the kitten's suitability for breeding.

For people that want breeding rights, the minimum requirements are that you be a registered cattery and provide a pedigree for the other breeders in your cattery.  If you are not registered as a cattery, but want to become one, we can work with you to help you achieve that.  RaynbowsRagdoll does reserve the right to refuse breeding rights to any buyer.